Magnetic CD Player Mount

Phone Mounts for Your Car

Model Number: PM149

Our magnetic CD player mount is engineered to fit in your car’s CD player. The base slides into the CD slot, and is low profile so as not to damage any internal components. Included square or circular magnets adhere to the back of your phone. Place your phone against the magnetic mount, and the ferromagnetic base will tightly hold it in place. A ball-and socket joint allows you to rotate your phone for optimal positioning even when it is mounted. Gently pull against the mount to remove your phone. It’s that easy.

    PRICE/MSRP: $19.99
    • 360º rotating head
    • Included square/circular magnetic strips securely adhere to the back of the device
    • Ferromagnetic mount is strong enough for plus sized smartphones
    • Rotating mount for optimal phone positioning
    • Low profile CD player mount

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